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    Kids In Glass Houses Welsh Tour Taxi Numbers

    Travelling to see Kids In Glass Houses on their final Welsh tour this weekend? Unfamiliar with the local areas. A very helpful KIGH fan (@worndowntoys) has put together this handy list of taxi numbers for anyone who needs them.

    "Hotels are relatively close to venues but just in case:

    Merthyr Tydfil:
    Funky Kabs: 01685383222
    Cabs 4 U: 01685389999
    1st Class Cabs: 01685373737

    A2B: 01639767677
    Caereithin: 01792585585
    Yellow Cabs: 01792700400 or 01792644446

    Ebbw Vale:
    Discount Cabs: 07824195097
    Brighties: 01495304206
    Dragon: 01495352565

    Premier Taxis: 01656724300
    Valley Cabs: 01656720404
    TJ Cabs: 01656725078

    BE SAFE.”

    — 1 month ago

    It’s amazing how many tweets I’ve seen today saying “I didn’t know KIGH were playing Liverpool, I’d have gone if I’d have known”. It’s clear that there hasn’t been enough local advertising for each show which is quite upsetting and I don’t want to see that situation repeated throughout the entire tour.

    My one suggestion is to post/reblog Kids In Glass Houses’ tour poster across Tumblr just so people see it. Also, if any of you are willing to be annoying enough or have enough Facebook friends, perhaps mass invite potential KIGH fans to their Facebook events (show/signing) in the same way that a club promoter would.

    Or maybe stick some posters up if your local show is further towards the end of the tour?

    I hate to instruct people, but I know that I have enough followers to get some fellow fans to listen.

    It’s really sad if the main reason KIGH aren’t selling out shows is because their fans are sat at home watching TV unaware that the band are playing their town.




    (As always, I apologise for any and all grammatical errors)

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    As you should all know, Kids In Glass Houses released the music video for their new single ‘Peace’ this week. If you haven’t heard it already, it’s here.

    Anyway, I’m here to ask whether any of you have heard the song on the radio yet? No? Me neither. Hopefully, it’s hitting the playlists on Monday ahead of its release next Sunday (22/09) but I think the KIGH fanbase should still help the song.

    'Drive' didn't quite get the radio support it deserved. It had a few Radio 1 plays to start with but then it seemed to drop off the radar. I don't want the same to happen to 'Peace', or worse.

    So, if there’s still no word of ‘Peace’ hitting the airwaves by Monday when the radio stations should have been sent the song, here’s what I think we should do.

    Radio 1

    The big one. If you’re not getting Radio 1 airplay, you’re not going to get in the charts. Unless you’re on Radio 2…

    They used to have a straight-forward request show. They don’t anymore (as far as I know..). Requesting songs is now a little more difficult, but you can still email/tweet the presenters (Addresses here - or send Dan and Phil a drawing or video or something ( You can also text 81199 and tweet @BBCR1 IF you hear ‘Peace’, or if it’s a “10-minute takeover” asking for your requests.

    Smooth Radio / Heart FM / Capital FM

    All of these have ‘Contact The Show’ pages, even though they don’t playlist rock or indie. If you’re bored, you could try them. Heck, it might turn the playlister into a fan, even if they never air it.,,


    Obviously, Kerrang! should play ‘Peace’ but they might need reminding how much you love it so they keep playing it.

    Studio Text:
    Text K and your Message to 64100
    Texts cost 25p + your standard network rate. Terms & Conditions

    Postal Address:
    Kerrang! Radio
    Mappin House
    4 Winsley Street
    W1W 8HF


    XFM did play ‘Drive’ a fair few times (go XFM!) so hopefully they’ll be playing ‘Peace’ too. If you haven’t heard it by Monday, give them a nudge:


    You may only listen to the nationals but local radio is far more accessible. Pure 107.8 (Stockport) should be showing ‘Peace’ some love as they had the acoustic radio premiere of ‘Runaways’. You can drop them a friendly tweet and hint to them about ‘Peace’ on Twitter - @Pure1078. Their contact details are on here as are EVERY SINGLE OTHER RADIO STATION’S. MediaUK is a goldmine for radio text numbers and emails.

    The most important thing for sending requests is to sound genuine and specific for that one radio station. Requests are completely ignored if they’re impersonal spam. This is why radio feedback after ‘Peace’ has been played will be the most effective, so if you hear ‘Peace’, use all of the above contact details to tweet/email/text them about how great it sounded on the radio so they play it again - and get people you know to do it too. However, if ‘Peace’ is absent from the airwaves next week, it might be because the stations wrongly think that nobody wants to hear it and we’ll have to let them know.

    Apologies for the lecture and the likelihood of grammatical errors!

    Thank you x

    kighsecretsanta / @KIGHFan

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    'Drive' and its DOWNBEAT B-Side were released today.
What do you think of the new arrangement? #music #kidsinglasshouses iTunes link:

    'Drive' and its DOWNBEAT B-Side were released today.
    What do you think of the new arrangement? #music #kidsinglasshouses iTunes link:

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    Could everyone follow @KIGHFan on Twitter please!
    I’m trying to get to 200 followers before midnight when ‘Drive’ with a NEW downbeat B-Side is released on iTunes.
    Thank you so much in advance!

    (apologies for tag spam of bands KIGH have toured with)


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    As you may remember, I ran the Twitter account @kighsecretsanta over Christmas.
    As you may already know, I’ve now switched to @kighfan.
    Any follows are greatly appreciated.

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    I asked people to raise their hands if they were STILL listening to ‘Secret Santa’. This was the reaction:

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